X-Pole Dancing Poles

The ability to display confidence is something that stops bullying before it can start. We’ve been taking X-Pole advice from polesport.co.uk to show us how pole dancing poles can help with self-confidence.

Bully Free Zone knows that bod- type and body-belief are often  behind many bullying issues.

The real issue stems from not what you look like but rather what you perceive you look like. It might be an extreme idea to suggest that taking up the sport of pole dancing is going to boost self-confidence, but sometimes then extreme measures are what is required. We certainly don’t suggest that you go straight out and buy yourself an X-Pole – even the good folk over at Pole Sport don’t suggest that you go out and spend any money on a pole right at the start, what you’re really looking for is a lesson with instructors that will help you in building confidence. If you aren’t sure about the idea of a group lesson, then maybe you need to consider a private pole tutor – but the cost can increase exponentially if you go down that route. Maybe try to find someone else that is interested and you and a friend could have a semi-private dancing class?

Some schools have organized pole lessons for their students, but if there isn’t enough information given out to parents than this can often lead to resistance and unnecessary newspaper headlines as can be seen here – so for this reason, it is unlikely that you’ll get school backing.

If you want to know more then a great source of information is the Pole Sports UK organisation, they list authorised teachers and have a certification training programme and teachers directory.

The best thing to do is to look fr pole dancing classes in your area and then contact the schools and teachers to find out if they are what you are looking for. If they can’t persuade you over the phone that they are right for you, then they probably aren’t – so keep looking until you find one you like. After a few lessons – who knows, perhaps you’re going to be looking for a shop to buy you’re own X-Pole for home use…. then you will truly inhabit a bully-free zone!!