Signs of Bullying

When a child is being bullied their behaviour often changes. Adults often consider changes in a child’s behaviour to be linked to growing pains. However, there are a number of quite distinctive signs that a child is being bullied, including any one or more of the following.

A child might:

Not want to go to school.

Begin truanting.

Often feel ill.

Suddenly become ill when it’s time for school.

Be frightened to walk to & from school.

Begin to lose interest in their schoolwork.

‘Lose’ possessions at school.

Cease to communicate with their parents (particularly after school).

Change their behaviour, e.g. Become aggressive, withdrawn, anxious, etc.

Lose their appetite.

Have regular nightmares and/or begin bed-wetting.

Ask for money or begin to steal money.

Bully younger brothers/sisters.

Attempt suicide.