What Can School Do?

Schools can:

Ensure that everyone knows that they are ‘working towards a Bully Free Zone’. They should make it clear that bullying will not be tolerated.
Schools can ensure that any bullying incident is taken seriously and that, where appropriate, they try to work with the parents to resolve the situation amicably.
Review their anti-bullying policy to ensure it is child-friendly and can beunderstood by all. Schools could establish a focus group to develop a condensed version of the policy or a ‘school contract’ about bullying and behaviour which all children can be made aware of.
Introduce a ‘Peer Support’ scheme to tackle bullying. This could be ‘Buddying’, ‘Peer Listening’, ‘Peer Mentoring’ or ‘Peer Mediation’. All these schemes are based around young people providing support to other young people. (Contact Bully Free Zone for more information).
Set up a box where children can report any issues or bullying incidents in confidence (as often they may be too scared to actually approach a Teacher with their problems).
Introduce the issue of bullying as a topic in assemblies on a regular basis or as a class discussion topic. Arrange a competition for children to design Bullying Awareness posters.
Develop a ‘Quiet Area’ in the playground, where children can sit and talk away from noisy, lively games.