Case Study – Pole Dancing

It is not just children that get bullied, it can just as easily happen in adult workplaces or social situations. In this case study then “Mel” (not real name) used pole dancing to build up her confidence and show her bullies that they were to going to win.

The first point to note here is that although bullying amongst adults is rarer than with children, when it does occur there are no teachers on Mums/Dads to talk to and explain the problem to.

In this particular case then Mel was bullied by a work colleague because of her low self-esteem and inability to dance. Here is what she has to say in her own words:


I was a social cripple – and whenever I went out with work colleagues I found myself looking for the quietest possible seat at the most hidden table. I know that one solution was to not go out on work socials, but that wouldn’t have helped my career – in fact it would eventually have cost me my job.

I decided the only choice was to confront this head-on. I had to gain enough confidence to throw their taunts back at them. I bought myself an X-Pole and started a six week course of pole dancing classes. I though that by the time the next work outing to a nightclub was going to take place, then I was going to be ready for it. I was going to be able to take to the stage and perform a pole dance routine that would make them all take me seriously!

pole dancer
pole dancer

So with six weeks of hard work, I was ready – I could dance and spin with style. It was hard work at the weekly pole dance classes, and I must have put 10 hours per week into my routines back at home on my x-pole. But it was all worth it when I strode out onto the stage and showed them all what I was capable of!