Help I’m Bullying Other People

You’ve just taken the first step to stopping the bullying by recognising that you have a problem. Read on for suggestions on how to deal with it . . .

If you think that you are bullying other people there are some things you can do:
Tell someone. Make sure it is someone you can trust (Parent, Teacher). Take a friend with you for support if it will make you feel better.
Ask for help.
Think about why you are behaving like this.
If you have a difficult problem in your own life, ask for help from someone you trust.
Ask your parents to read our Parents page – ‘Help! I think my child is bullying others’ (Link) for information on how to help you.
Apologise to those that you have upset.
Set yourself a goal every day – Today I will not call anyone names.
Join out-of-school clubs where you can meet new friends who don’t know how you used to behave.

REMEMBER: Hurting others (either physically or hurtng their feelings) will not make you any REAL friends.